Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't edit Wikipedia articles like fools!

Some months ago, I tweeted that Wikipedia is among the jewels of Web 2.0. One tweep responded to this tweet by saying that Wikipedia is not worth it. Worried by this reaction, I asked him why is that so. He told me he tried to correct some facts on a Mauritian article but a guy always brought back his own incorrect views by deleting the good one.

You can clearly see in the above situation how sometimes Wikipedia articles suck simply because of some ignorant fools.

These guys think that they can do anything they want with a Wikipedia article because this is what Wikipedia definitely allows but to a certain limit.

Inaccurate information, useless facts and biased facts are very common.

Apart from this, we also have articles written in some different kind of styles. You might be shocked to know that Wikipedia has its own style of writing articles. Good articles are written in an encyclopaedic way to allow the transmission of the information easily to the readers. The article should not be a story or too informal. Try differentiating a newspaper article against a Wikipedia one to know more about what I'm trying to say.

And always remember that millions use Wikipedia and don't make the mistake of deceiving them!