Friday, December 11, 2009

2 places in Mauritius which couples should avoid visiting!

They are among those beautiful and romantic places which couples often love to visit.

But even thieves like to visit them so that they can steal your jewellery, money and mobile phone.

The 2 places I'm talking about are actually La Nicoliere and Albion.
La Nicoliere
La Nicoliere is definitely a reservoir. But from the place I'm talking about, you can get a nice view of the northern plain and the reservoir too. It's very beautiful and you can even park your car easily. It is in fact situated near the La Nicoliere road itself. And there is even a statue of Christ there so that you can pray. If I'm not wrong the picture below was taken from that place itself!

But the story doesn't end here because many couples have in fact been attacked by thieves and their belongings have been robbed there itself. So don't be tempted to stop your car and appreciate the view from there!

Albion lighthouse
The second place couples should avoid visiting is near the Albion lighthouse. Personally I've not yet gone to this place but I've heard it's near the sea(quite logical) and it is very peaceful there. And I've also heard that a couple has been recently attacked this week itself!

So couples be warned and avoid visiting the above 2 places!

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