Saturday, October 24, 2009

All alphabets and numbers disappeared from my mobile phone

This was what happened when I tried to update the firmware of my LG KU 250: all alphabets and numbers simply dissapeared. Yes, and so I had to manage with this handicap. Imagine using a mobile phone where no alphabets nor numbers displayed.

But fortunately after some days, I tried to re-animate my mobile by re-installing the firmware several times. Thankfully, it returned back to normal but everything was erased and reset. But I'm happy, it's back to normal. Literally, it was a waste of time to update the firmware.

So, you get it now, if you have any LG mobile, be careful when updating your firmware. Otherwise, you know what will happen LOL!


  1. pfff... mari la peine sa, ene portable sans oken characteres!

    But you didnot tell us why you tried to update the firmware? Did it really made it better? :P

  2. @yashvin
    wa lol, mo ti envi update firmware parce qui mo ti croire ki pou gagne kitzoz nouvo. mais, li pane marse parce qui mone bizein switch back lor ancien firmware. mo pane resi mem kone ki ti ena dan firmware la ek li ti simplement ene perte de temps.