Friday, October 23, 2009

7 ways of receiving a free Google Wave invite

Google Wave is a great personal communication and collaboration tool announced by Google some months ago. Google Wave can be classified among the Twitter or Facebook generation. But it's much better and innovative too. Google Wave is still in active development.

And so, an invite is required so that you can use it. 100 000 users received a Google invite on September 30 2009. These users can share a maximum of eight invite to their friends or relatives. Those who received an invite from these 100 000 users cannot share them. In other words, Google Wave invites are limited and it's somehow difficult to get one.

But, don't worry we are exclusively disclosing 7 ways of getting a Google Wave invite. We also recommend you to try all these methods so that your chance to get the invite increases. And, did we mention that these methods are completely free.

1. This is the first and best method to get a Google Wave invite. Simply go to Twitter and on the search for things like "Google Wave Invite" or "8 Google Wave Invite" or perhaps "3 Google Wave Invite" Now from the results which you will receive, look for the people who seem to have an invite. Then reply those people asking them for an invite with something like "Hi, can you send a Google Wave invite to this e-mail address. Thanks."

2. Go to the official Google Wave homepage and sign up to receive one. This one is a bit frustrating because it takes usually much time to receive the invite. But, when you will receive one you can share them with friends and relatives. And if you create multiple accounts using multiple e-mail addresses, the chance for receiving one increases

3. There are dozens of quizzes which are organized to share invites. You can participate in them and see if your luck is good.

4.  Some forums also exist where you can share, buy or bargain for Google Wave invites.

5. There are also some websites where you can register so that you can receive an invite. But, be careful and don't get into sites which seem to be fishy.

6. Sign up for Google Apps Standard Edition which is free. And look for a free domain name. Then register for the Google Apps edition of Google Wave.

7. This one has some chance to work and it uses Twitter too. Update your status with "Please can anyone send me a Google Wave invite to this e-mail address. Thanks." A volunteer might send you one if you have been kind enough on Twitter.

These were the 7 methods of getting a Google Wave invite. If you have any more methods to add or some tips to share, you can leave a comment below. And also don't forget to tell us whether these methods worked for you and if you managed to receive the invite.


  1. 1 and 7 are just what I did :D Begging :P lol and it worked thanks to your help ;)

    Didn't know about the Google Apps one ... it seems better than begging :)

  2. @bruno
    it's okay but you are right, my top five used words in twitter now include google and wave :)
    as for the google apps, it's better but i'm still waiting for the invite to come in the inbox :)

  3. I begged too! A friend of mine already sent out his 8 invites and coincidentally his Mauritian friends had a he then begged him to send me an

    Pathetic lot we are...begging for Google Wave when most prolly by this time next year everybody would have one...

  4. @p.t
    yeah lol but we all want an avant-premiere because google wave really seemed another world :)

  5. finallement mo pas trop interesser, pour le moment...

  6. @yashvin
    pe compran toi, deza dan impe mois li pou sorti mem :)

  7. @all - can anyone send me a google wave invite at plz ;) thanks :)

  8. @ashfaq
    message passed, but currently i don't have any extra invite left :)