Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smoke a cigarette everyday and drink a glass of beer every week to live for 100 years!

Mauritius just got another centenarian quite some months ago. He is a Chinese man who is quite healthy but has some problems talking.

One thing unusual about this fellow is that he admits that he drinks a glass of beer everyday. Even more unusual, he smokes one cigarette everyday!

Apparently, you must be wondering how he has managed to celebrate his 100th birthday now?

But one thing I noticed about centenarians is that they are always happy. They always talk a lot and rarely feel worried and have stress. They have a positive attitude.

Of course, things like having a healthy diet or doing physical exercises count on living for 100 years. But don't be in the wrong assumption that by only doing this you will live for 100 years!

James Burty David, our great minister who passed away some months ago was in fact a karateka. He used to go jogging nearly everyday and even recommended his "minister friends" to drink large amount of water!

But how did he died of a heart failure then? Stress? Election worries?

So readers, don't be stressed! Be happy! Enjoy life! Live for 100 years!

PS: I don't smoke or drink or whatever!