Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yahoo! Mail receives cool updates!

I have just checked my Yahoo! Mail and noticed that it got some serious changes mainly regarding it's appearance. It's of course much more cooler but even the old interface(some days ago) was great.

Here is a list of main changes:
  • See e-mails of family and friends first
  • Get updates when they share photos, write reviews, and update status
  • Receive birthday reminders!
  • Get access to dozens of applications and also the calendar and notepad
  • Filter for viewing e-mails from contacts
  • Fewer ads and larger text

Click for a larger image
Without forgetting the features which were already available:
  • Spam and Virus Protection
  • The cool AJAX Interface
  • Built-in Messenger
  • Folders for managing e-mails
  • Weather Infos(Port Louis has not been forgotten)

Click for a larger image


  1. @yashvin
    if i could deny it...........

  2. @yashvin
    oops...i just read that....