Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tsunami in Indian Ocean!

I just received the news that the Indian Ocean was in a Tsunami Alert a few hours ago. The alert has now been removed because no significant Tsunami was generated but though that it has been deadly.

The earthquake(which caused the Tsunami) killed around 13 people in the Indonesian island of Java. It was very powerful indeed with it's magnitude a 7.0.

In case there is another Tsunami or earthquake in future time(which we don't hope), here are some ways to be informed and get the breaking news instantly:
  • Register your mobile phone with CNN SMS Alerts which is completely free and works in most countries. Click here to do that and don't forget you can forward them to your friends!
  • Listen to radio if possible, it's much better than television.
  • Tweeps might also get quick informations on Twitter.
  • NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is one of the most reliable source of information on the net. Click here to access it.
  • Those who prefer the computer and Internet might visit BBC World or CNN for latest news on the situation.
Above were the ways I usually get informed of those news but here are the precautions to take in case of a Tsunami.


  1. These tsunami alerts seem to becoming more frequent :s hope it's not a sign. Having said that, maybe it's a positive that there are now alerts when earthquakes happen; especially after the earthquake causing tsunami that killed many in 2004.

  2. @nav
    oh the tectonic plates seemed to be in a mood to dance lol, but we definitely don't hope natural calamities like earthquakes and tsunamis. the alert system are definetely one of the hopes we have in case of a tsunami to escape ;)

  3. Yep infact am subscribed to the sms alert. I was a bit worried when I heard the alert was for the whole Indian Ocean. Well not really worried for us since we always escape lol.. but I was wondering with that magnitude of 7.4 which eventually was brought to 7..if there would not be another of that tsunami of december. :S

    Thanks god there was nothing. Its already 25 death in Indonesia now. :-(

  4. @kurt avish
    i received the sms alert only when i reached home because i was at school, and i immediately forwarded it to my friends and later realized that the alert has been removed
    but it's really sad about the indonesians :( and most of the earthquakes and tsunami unfortunately happens in those regions :(