Friday, January 29, 2010

The ultimate Infolinks review

Infolinks? What's that? Oh ... It's for the businessman? No ... Then what?
Here is a review of the amazing Infolinks! No ... It's not just for the businessman who is alway busy but for common people like us who have a website or even a blog. What is Infolinks anyway? Infolinks displays ads on your website or blog ... As the word itself suggests! Just like it is the case for newspapers ... Yep! You can display ads on your website and earn from it!

Earn? Few cents?
Again ... Infolinks guarantees you the highest revenue share ... That is, each time someone clicks on those ads on your website, you'll get the highest revenue share ... So you can forget the cents now. And yeah, I've been using Infolinks since some months and I'm surprised how my PayPal has exploded with all those big revenue! And Infolinks pay you on time ... They are never late like in these things!

Get paid for useless ads? Never with Infolinks!
No. Infolinks displays only related ads or contextual ads. That is if there is something related with computers, you'll get directed to ads related to computers only. And yes, Infolinks will never direct you to dirty ads. In fact, some users have even told me that they got a lot of useful related information from those ads!

But there is no place to display those ads on my website!
Actually, there is no need for a place to display Infolinks ads on your website. Infolinks provides what is called 'in-text advertising'. That is, if there is a word or group of words displayed on your website, Infolinks will automatically embed it with related ads. If someone hovers above it, he can simply click on it. So simple ...

How Infolinks is a wonder for related ads and information?
Let's do a bit of history!

Very long ago, people used to write on rocks. There was no paper at that time. It would be impossible to get related information on what's written.

Now came Shakespeare's time after much time again, if you wanted to get more information on what Shakespeare's writings, you need to contact Shakespeare himslef! That's definetely a waste of time.

Some centuries ago, dictionaries were invented. You could get a few related information. But you need to have a dictionary and to look for it. And the information was not so related!

Google came. You need related information, just type it on Google! But you should now take the pain to type on Google  ... It's a bit a waste of time ...

Then Infolinks came ... Or a wonder if you can call it ... Just hover your cursor and get the required information from ads ... So easy and simple!

Infolinks can be cuztomized just like you can change your clothes!
Yep, you have not heard it wrong! Infolinks can be customized! You can decide how or what colour the Infolinks ads will be, where will it be, how many ads there will be and best you can even choose what types of ads you wish to show your visitors!

Thanks for the information! Going to give it a try tomorrow! No ... Do it today itself ... It's take just a few minutes!
Yeah. Integrating Infolinks on your website is fast and too easy ... I didn't even need 5 minutes to integrate Infolinks on my blog and given that I'm a noob at these things ... As I said, it's too easy and you don't even need to know those codes! I did mine on this free Blogger blog BTW! If you fail to do something, just contact Infolinks and they will do it for you and fast! Their support is as good as their ads!

Where to start?
Conficius said this: 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. He was not wrong. Just click here to get started with Infolinks!

The video! What video? Watch it then! 

A personal note to end ...
I've tried a lot of ads service but I rarely saw that they were really effective. Infolinks is something else and it's the only advertising service I use on my blog. It is really effective. On one side, it displays related ads with useful information and on the other side I get paid for them. Good support and payment on time with PayPal is just rad! I'm totally satisfied with Infolinks. And yep, I learnt about Infolinks from another blog where I came across a useful information! Hope that this review will push you to use Infolinks on your website or blog!