Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's not just in Mauritius that Iframac and ABC Motors fight!

You might have read it if you have not seen it! In you don't know what I'm talking about, then read "La guerre des concessionnaires d’automobiles" by Yashvin. Even Week-End wrote about it here.

As mentioned in the above title, it's not just in Mauritius that this happens. And this happens nearly in nearly field and of course politics. 

You might remember Paul Berenger shouting that even the prime minister of Mauritius is not secure in reference to the Fine saga. And then you might heard that Paul Berenger is among those Curpen wants to kill or whatever. Then Berenger replying again that he faces danger throughout his whole life.

Coming back to those interesting car advertisements above, I recently came across an email dated December 2007 lost in my spammed Gmail account which I no longer use. Here it is and clicking on the images will enlarge them:

BMW started:

Audi answered:

And now Subaru needed to say something:

Bentley chairman ended it:

So you can see how it all started and how it ended. Just wondering if I should add this to the Jokes label of my blog ...