Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.  For most of us, this day doesn't hold any importance. Christmas or Divali are the most important festivals in our life where we rejoice and celebrate literally nothing important. For most of us, knowing how not to get AIDS is more important than caring for those who are suffering from it.

Today the most important political icons will give speeches on AIDS. At that moment channels will be switched to MTV or else the TV will be simply turned off.

Pamphlets will distributed everywhere and paper planes will be made from them. It's so easy to read Twilight in one day than reading those few words which will take us just some minutes.

Whenever donations will be carried out, we will happily give the 20 cents which was always stuck in our pockets. The others will be kept for the pizzas. We feel it  useless to give more than 20 cents. And it's with this useless money that we will buy the iPhone or Nike shoes.

Colleges regularly organize visits to the "ashrams" where old people reside. It's indeed a good thing and students do participate in that. But the real thing to visit those who suffer from AIDS is not dared to be done.

Stars will give concerts in order to help those suffering from AIDS and to increase awareness about it. Most people just enjoy the concert forgetting its real aim.

A pandemic spread on planet Earth this year. It was the swine flu. Everyone wanted to wear a mask to protect themselves from the virus. But still no one wants to wear a condom to protect themselves from AIDS.

Each time wise people talk about AIDS, we will say that we already know about it. People are not wrong when they say it's a taboo subject. 

It's fashionable to talk about the one suffering from AIDS. But it's not so to talk to them.

And thus World AIDS Day is celebrated on this 1st December. And thus I write a post about it on my blog.