Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Selection of the best and most useful 20 Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome extensions was just launched yesterday. But what are extensions? Extensions in fact add more functionality and features to a browser.

Extensions don't exist only for Google Chrome but also for a lot of browser like Firefox or even Opera.
But for the moment Google Chrome extensions seem to be somehow unique because you don't need to restart Chrome for it to be used. The website to install the extensions(check here ) is minimalist and easy to use. It has it's own list of popular and featured extensions. And reviews and ratings of extensions can easily be done. And it also shows you how many people have actually installed the extension in real time.​

But now we have around 300 exte​nsions for Google Chrome just one day after it has been launched. So below I tried to pick the 20 best extensions(actually luckily I got exactly 20 extensions) along with their descriptions, links and screenshots. Check them out below!

​RSS Subscription Extension

Adds one-click subscription to your toolbar right from Google Chrome!

Google Mail Checker

Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. You can also click the button to open your inbox.

Yahoo Mail Checker

The Yahoo Mail Checker for Google Chrome! Informs user when a new mail arrives to your Yahoo mail inbox. Notifies you of new Yahoo! Mails right from Google Chrome.


Google Chrome ads blocker!

Google Reader Notifier

Displays the number of unread items in your Google Reader account. Clicking can show a preview popup or open your Reader account.

Facebook for Google Chrome

Extension which lets you read your Facebook news feed and wall. You can also post status updates right from Google Chrome.

Google Calendar Checker

Quickly see the time until your next meeting on Google Chrome. Click the button to open your calendar.

Google Tasks

Access your Google Tasks easily with Chrome

Beautify Facebook

Makes Facebook a little bit nicer to look at! This extension gives Facebook a completely new look!

Chromed Bird

Chromed Bird is a Twitter extension that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account directly from Google Chrome.

Chromium Delicious plugin

Extension to bookmark favourite websites to Delicious right from Google Chrome

Facebook Notifications

This extension checks for new notifications, tells you how many you have, and lets you view them directly from Google Chrome.

Little URL

Shorten URLs using easily from Google Chrome


Brizzly for Google Chrome makes Twitter and Facebook simpler and easier to use. See and share photos, videos, searches, lists, and more.

Google Wave Notifier

Displays number of unread Waves on Google Chrome.

Facebook Chat for Google Chrome/Chromium

Quick Facebook Chat functionality while browsing. Must be signed in to Facebook!

Fittr Flickr

Making Flickr more fitter on Google Chrome.

Lyrics - YouTube

Get music lyrics for youtube music videos. Over 3 million tracks of song lyrics right from Google Chrome.

Google Translate

This extension translates entire webpages into a language of your choice with one click. By the Google Translate team for Google Chrome.


Post to Twitter from the Google Chrome toolbar easily. This one differs from the others because it just allow you to tweet only and it's quite minimalist for that purpose!

3 Extra More Google Chrome extensions(Thursday, Dec 10, 2009)

1. Google Dictionary Lookup

Ctrl-Double-Click any word to look it up in Google Dictionary.

2. Albert Einstein Quote

Displays a random Albert Einstein quote

Yahoo Mail for Google Chrome/Chromium

Widget to collect your yahoo! Mail

That's all! If you like them and find them useful, don't forget to tweet about if or Facebook them!

PS: I noticed that Lifehacker already posted one similar here . But this list is quite different from theirs and contain literally the most useful and best extensions.