Friday, December 18, 2009

Exclusively presenting some weird jokes on Twitter's downtime

Twitter was down today morning. Here are some jokes which I shared through Facebook when it was down LOL!

1. LOL! #JustSaying If you need any more information/tuition/eClass on hacking, please contact

2. OMG! These 2 sites' security are the same and their fate also: #TwitterFail &

3. Is Mashable having their lunch or what? They have been late in reporting Twitter's downtime!

4. Iranian Cyber Army uses Gmail! They hack Twitter! Missiles are too old and they don't concern us so they use Twitter to make us feel concerned!

5. Techcrunch is recommending users to change their passwords! Iranian Cyber Army don't know what password to use! So they hack Twitter's database to get some passwords to use! Iranian Cyber Army are noobs!

6. Iranian Cyber Army are great at Photoshop! Check their flag above ...