Thursday, December 10, 2009

MES makes serious printing mistakes on CPE result slips!

Just some hours ago after result slips have been distributed, printing mistakes have been identified on several results slips! And it's not some but many!

Students who receive an A+ usually get 6 units but students with an A are getting 6 units! This means that the students were supposed to get an A+ but got an A!

This shows how lame and incompetent MES is! This is a shame for this organisation which is given the responsibility to organize examinations in Mauritius!

And it is not the first time that an incident like this is happening. It's quite normal for MES to commit such lame mistakes in each and every year!

In fact MES is among those organization which require a high level of integrity in Mauritius! But another name for mistake and "lameliness" is MES!

The results for MES are already here! Check them! MES = #EPIC #FAIL!

As usual tonight on MBC you'll see Lucien Finette smiling and telling students not to worry because it's a slight mistake and he'll put everything back to normal! We have witnessed this thing to much now Lucien!

Update(11.15 AM Thursday): Yeah they finally admitted there are printing mistakes. All result slips will be printed again. Students have to TAKE THE PAIN to go to school again to fetch the NEW results this afternoon! (Via Defimedia) Look below!

Update(14.30 Friday): Minister of Education, Vasant Bunwaree, explained that the printer to print result scripts broke down half way and a second one was being used. This was when the misprint happened by the printer.

MES Communique points out that Students whose results slips are misprinted are requested to go to their respective school today and they will be provided with a new one. The misprint had no effect on the performance of students and allocation of places in secondary colleges.