Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google uses Brizzly!

Google uses Brizzly? So what? For muggles(who don't know about Brizzly), Brizzly is simply a web application which merges Facebook and Twitter.

Brizzly is among those Twitter applications which I find the best. It's super fast and consumes very little RAM, it does not compete with DestroyTwitter(which is my favourite desktop Twitter application), it's even more real time and you can switch to Facebook very easily. It shortens links automatically(Literally automatic) and decrypt shorten links automatically. And you can't get Rick'Rolled(Wikipedia article here) on Brizzly LOL!

Above is a screenshot of Brizzly which can be enlarged by a single click on it! Coming back to Google now, Googlers are not any noob just to try anything like that LOL! They might have liked Brizzly and thought about using it a little! And using Brizzly is quite a way of promoting it. You can check their tweet here and even Evan(CEO of Twitter) liked Brizzly according to his tweet here.

Now that both Evan and Google have given Brizzly a try. Why don't you try it? Trust me, you won't be dissapointed!

PS: I'm making some quite major changes on my blog! New template!