Monday, December 7, 2009

Details and tariffs of Emtel Wimax

Emtel Wimax is an internet service by Emtel provided mainly to professionals businesses.

Emtel Wimax can also be used by regular home internet users.

Details about it are provided here. But I have uploaded the complete packages and tariffs here.

The cheapest package is at Rs 649(Rs 849 for the rental of equipments) for a 128 Kbps connection along with the equipments which you will have to buy.

I except a decent and good connection speed(unlike Nomad) because few people actually use this service and the network system seems to be much strong.

If you are eligible to receive My. T or Orange ADSL, then there is no need for you to take this package. But if you receive none of the above and you are going to take Nomad(or some other limited internet connections like MTML or Emtel Mobile Broadband), better subscribe to Emtel Wimax then.

PS: I will be receiving some more information about Emtel Wimax in the coming days. Watch this corner!

Updazte: (Mon Dec 7 2009): Installation price is Rs 1600 + you got to pay the rental fee Rs 200 each month. Thanks Kurt for the details!