Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anja tropical cyclone will affect Rodrigues

It's the first tropical cyclone of the season and it is already strong. It's name is Anja. From the latest data received from Meteo France, it seems that Anja will continue to strengthen even more given that the temperature of the sea is warm.

From the track graphics taken from Meteo France, it can be seen that Anja will be approaching Rodrigues closely and after that it will continue its journey to the south. So Rodrigues will be surely affected badly by Anja. Anja will not approach Mauritius that closely and will not affect the weather so badly. But you can still expect some light winds and mild rainfall.You can click on the image above to enlarge it even more.

But nothing can be confirmed yet given that cyclones are totally unpredictable just like girlfriends. The above satellite image is taken from Mauritius Meteorological Service and you can also enlarge this one by clicking on it to get a better view of Anja.

Island Crisis will be providing latest details on Anja here. You can also get the latest information by going to Meteo France here or even Mauritius Meteorological Services here. Older methods of communication like radios and televisions can also be used if you wish. Anyway, I guess this week, there will be much marriages taking place in Mauritius and Rodrigues. So most of us won't be hoping for a cyclone to come. Some still may  wish that Anja should come because there will be some tests and exams this week. But anyway, I'm in holidays so I'm a bit unconcerned but not totally because we all know the damage caused by these cyclones.