Monday, September 14, 2009

Revision mode!

Just like most of students, I'm also in revision mode. In less than one month, the terminal exams will start and it's impossible not to get the good marks which is always expected. As usual, I'm spending much time revising those 20 subjects which are examined. This time, I'm definitely going to do my best and get good marks in mostly all subjects.

By the way, I just got a new school bag because my other school bag got somehow spoiled and could not carry much bigger books. The newer bag has more partitions and it's a bit bigger than the previous one.

"The New School Bag"

"The Made In China Story"

"The Old School Bag"

"Good Luck To All Students"


  1. Man I remember my form 3, that was a loooooong time ago. I see that you still have loads and loads of books to carry! Form 3 is a horror, you have so many things to learn during that year...

  2. @sachin
    you are right buddy, we have much thing to learn in form 3 but those things are always cool as they are new, just a little of sacrifice and then everything works like a charm :P

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  4. @snehta choytun
    yep, thanks. form three is really damn fun. waiting to be in form four desperately now lol :P. btw, nice to found you and your blog :)