Thursday, August 20, 2009

Opera tee-shirt and no school in Mauritius!

It's the latest breaking news in Mauritius which Priscus already blogged a few hours ago: All Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions are closed in Mauritius till 30th August 2009! So students will not have to attend school as from tomorrow till 30th August 2009. Schools should be resuming normally on Monday, August 31, 2009 depending on the decision of a special comity which will be held.

The main reason for this, is the growing number of absences in the school(51 % today) and most importantly to minimize the propagation of the AH1N1 virus which have affected many Mauritians and caused the death of around five others. Of course, disinfection of the schools will also be carried out.

Now, let's leave "swine flu" and move to my tee-shirt which I've received the day before yesterday from Opera!

I've just received my new-tee-shirt from Opera which I had won a few weeks ago through a Twitter Contest. You simply had to re-tweet a tweet and a lucky draw was to be carried to select the 10 winners. Thank you Opera for all these!

Here's a picture of the tee-shirt:

Apart from the tee-shirt I got two pens and three stickers:

You never heard of Opera or don't know much about it, read more below! Opera is a company from Norway which is mainly specialized in web browsers(it has been here since 1995!). Opera's two main and popular products are Opera Web Browser and Opera Mini.

1. Opera Web Browser

Opera Web Browser is a very cool web browser available for several operating systems. It's 1000 times better than Internet Exploder and it's definitely among the "Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera" group. It's fast, unique and easy to use. It supports torrents natively and also has widgets for several websites like Twitter. Opera was also among the first to introduce tabbed-browsing(before Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer). And it's free!. You can download it and view more here.

2. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the best browsers available in mobile phones, I'm not bluffing, but it's true. You can view your websites just like they are in you PC, it's extremely "turboed" and it makes WAP Browsing cheaper. It has most of the features a typical mobile browser has, works in most mobile phones and it's completely free. To view more or download Opera Mini, click here.

That's all about Opera. And these are only two products of Opera, there are even more dozens here. Check them out if you haven't. Thank you once more Opera for the Tee-Shirt.


  1. De rien!

    on the behalf of Opera :P

  2. Lucky you ... I envy you for the t-shirt :P

  3. please check the date

    its not 30 august

    but 31 august

  4. @anonymous
    i checked various news sources and school will be resuming normally on monday, 31th august, 2009. thanks, just updated it above.

  5. So there's no school until the 31st, swine flu will still be around then. What happens if school resumes and students spread the virus around even more? seems like a desperate attempt by Government to try to make up for the lacklustre approach to keep the virus under covers. but anyway, hopefully i am wrong and it does reduce the number of cases.

    That's a cool t-shirt! and what's best is that it's free! :D
    I've never used Opera, i feel i don't really need to with Firefox and Chrome around :)(but i've heard good things about it!)

  6. @nav
    lol, dunno what you will think about this: but the government's latest decision is to distribute "homeworks" in school and students/parents will have to fetch dem. definitely this is going to propagate even more swine flu in mauritius.
    the government will definitely be holding a meeting before the 31th august 2009 to decide whether schools will remain open depending on the situation.
    thanks for the tee-shirt. i also don't use "opera web browser", but i'm a huge fan of "opera mini" :)

  7. will there be school tomorrow?

  8. @anonymous
    Hi, sorry for the late moderation and reply. But I suppose there was school on that day. The rain was really not that heavy. :)